Ch5: "Locking in" glibc, Ch6: Adjusting toolchain

Edwin van Vliet cheatah at
Wed Jun 4 08:53:18 PDT 2003

> IMHO the patch is gonna be pretty hard to replicate outside of grep'ing
> all occurances of ld*.so.1 and ld-linux*.so.[12] into a var, then somehow
> cleansing that list of stuff we don't want to modify. Take a look at some
> of the extreme strangeness in linker names. It's nasty. It wouldn't be
> such a big deal covering all of them is two of the weird ones were going
> to end up being so common-place.
> ugh.

There is a regex for everything. The problem is that we mustn't make it too
complex ;-)
Maybe it would be wiser to make a file with multiple commands for sed. But
it isn't really a patch, it would be closer to ALFS than some would like, I
A little script would be safest and fastest, as always.

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