Ch5: "Locking in" glibc, Ch6: Adjusting toolchain

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Wed Jun 4 12:15:57 PDT 2003

On Wed, 4 Jun 2003, Ken Dyke wrote:

> On Wednesday 04 June 2003 12:16, Jeremy Utley wrote:
> > Well, that should be giving a reason to read some man pages, or other
> > documentation, so you do understand what's being done, and why.  Anyone
> > can blindly follow commands, but with LFS its important to know what is
> > being done, and WHY it's being done.
> I am not taking a strong stand here.
> But for the sake of saving one line we are increasing the height of an already
> big learning curve that folks still relatively new to *nix have to climb i.e.
> regular expressions (in this case a single line replacement of two simple
> substitution lines).  I think regex a wonderful thing and will be doing a
> regex presentation to the local LUG in August.  I just don't see the value in
> adding to all the other learning curves that a person absolutely has to
> climbed in order to successfully complete LFS and comprehend what they have
> done.

Those are certainly reasonable considerations. AS with you, I have no
strong bias eaither way. But, there is one attribute of the shorter
command that can be combined with one line of text that enhances the
learning without making it steeper.

As you are aware, small doses of new knowledge of limited scope are more
easily assimilated (resistance is futile) than huge amounts which have
no foundation upon which one can build.

If the shorter sed commands are used, and a single line of explanatory
text accompanies it, the new user learns a small distinct bit of
knowledge that is immediately used (and so reinforced) without having to
"go to the book" and reading all about sed/regex. Hopefully, that also
whets the new user's appetite to know more.

Bill Maltby
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