Whats the idea behind the new way-to-do-things in cvs lfs ?

kondicoder kondicoder at eyefolder.dk
Wed Jun 4 18:27:25 PDT 2003

Hey Folks!

First of all, I wanna thank u for makin' this project. It's really given 
me a kickstart into compiling linux from scratch.
My goal is to get some understanding of what is going on, so that I'll 
be able to contribute to the project later on.

I did mostly get why and how things were done in the lfs 4.1, but it 
looks like you in the cvs version (which I am curently working on 
compiling), are changing the "way to go". The order in which everything 
is compiled changed, gcc gets compiled 2 times etc.
If there is in any way a red line in those changes, could someone 
explain it to me ? At least why gcc is compiled twice.

Your help will be appreciated :-)

- kondicoder :-)

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