mktemp + tempfile wrapper instead of lfs-utils

Tushar Teredesai tushar at
Wed Jun 4 20:56:02 PDT 2003

Sometime back 
I had proposed using the official mktemp package and

   1. either patch scripts that use tempfile (/usr/bin/updatedb,
      /usr/bin/bzdiff, /usr/bin/bzcmp) to use mktemp, OR
   2. create a wrapper tempfile script that will invoke mktemp with the
      proper options.

Attaching a script for Option 2 above. Please note that the script is 
not heavily tested and may not be the most optimal. So would appreciate 
feedback. Probably will submit the script to mktemp maintainer if he 
would like to include it in the mktemp tarball.

The advantage of using mktemp from is that it is a maintained 
version (the last update was April 2003); the version is lfs-utils is 
just a copy of debianutils, so will need to be synced manually each time 
debianutils is updated.

mktemp should be installed with (some scripts check for /bin/mktemp):

    ./configure --prefix=/usr --bindir=/bin --with-libc &&
    make &&
    make install

The tempfile script should be copied to /usr/bin.

This was on my 2Do list for a long time, since I didn't want to use 
something created by and for another distro ;-)

Tushar Teredesai

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