Server Colocation - here we go again

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Fri Jun 6 09:01:19 PDT 2003

On May 29, 2003 01:14 pm, you wrote:

Another status update on this for those who care to know.

I'm heading out to the facility today to tour the place, meet with the 
owneres, tech support dudes and also to look over the contract, discuss the 
business end of things.

Last week we had set up a tentative move-in date of next week Saturday, but if 
I like what I'm going to see today, I'm going  to try to move in tomorrow. 
They said there's a chance they can do it (they didn't guarantee there's the 
time and staff available it a rather short 24 hour notice) but we'll see 
about that this afternoon.

If the server goes online tomorrow it won't be usable immediately yet. I 
planned on next week so nt all software is installed and configured yet. I've 
got sshd running of course so that's what really counts. Email is mostly 
running but I need to install mailinglist software, spam assassin and razor. 
Apache is installed, mostly configured too. It's getting there.

So even if it moves in tomorrow I don't expect to start moving services over 
until next weekend as originally planned anyways.

Gerard Beekmans

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