bug in lfs book 4.1

Ronald Hummelink ronald at hummelink.xs4all.nl
Sat Jun 7 01:13:31 PDT 2003

On Sat, 2003-06-07 at 08:06, Badri Pillai wrote:
> Hi all, 
> First of all I would like to tahnks all the people who contributed 
> for the great online book. 
> Just following step by step, I made my first linux distro. 
> I found two small missing info. 
> 1) to test network, when I used ping, I got the following error: 
>    ping: unknown protocol icmp. 
>    fix: install /etc/protocols from available distro (SuSE, RedHat,etc) 
>         OR download one from 
>           http://www.iana.org/assignments/protocol-numbers
> 2) During syslog daemon startup failed, may also affect other daemons. 
>    fix: install /etc/services from available distro (SuSE, RedHat,etc) 
>         OR download one from 
>        http://www.iana.org/assignments/port-numbers
> Questions: I'm thinking of makeing RPM packages for this book,  
>    if its already done by someone, please let me know 
> IF I ovelooked these hints in your book, then please ignore this message. 


All the way to the bottom.

Alternatively, there is a hint how to whip the iana provided ones into
shape on hints.linuxfromscratch.org

I don't think I ever seen public rpm packages of LFS, but then, using
rpms is not what lfs is about (teaching, know what is installed and how)


> Regards, 
> badri at ii-consult.com 
Linux is like a small snowball rolling downhill. Microsoft is just
waiting down the mountain...

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