Missing XPASSes for current CVS

Zack Winkles winkie at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Jun 8 09:41:23 PDT 2003

Christof Pohl (chripo at edo.uni-dortmund.de) wrote:
> I have unexpected results when running "make -k check" for the ch5 gcc
> builds. After bootstrapping step1, make check has a "program timed out"
> error (maybe due to the slow cpu and/or hdd, maybe the host distro's
> tcl/expect/dejagnu are too old). Step2 has only 24 XPASSes for listdc++, the
> XPASS: 22_locale/messages_byname.cc execution test
> XPASS: 22_locale/messages_members_char.cc execution test
> are missing. Is this something to worry about? BTW, I'm not using *any*
> optimizations (no LDFLAGS or CFLAGS).
> Any comments are very welcome. :-)

That's nothing to worry about. Those tests don't work if you either pass
--disable-nls to GCC, or you don't install the locales in the ch.5 build
of glibc. No worries.

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