Successful CVS build

Andrew Heath andrew.heath at
Tue Jun 10 21:15:30 PDT 2003

I've just successfully built an LFS system using CVS-20030603, and just 
thought I'd relate some of my experience in the hopes of being able to 
be of some help. :)

Host system: Mandrake 8.1
Glibc: 2.2.5
GCC: 3.3
Kernel: 2.4.18

I decided to go for the very latest of everything, meaning:
Automake (1.7.5)
Bin86 (0.16.11)
Binutils (
File (4.03)
GCC (3.3)
Gettext (0.12.1)
Lilo (22.5.4) - I decided to go ahead and get Nasm (0.98.36).
Procps (3.1.9)
Psmisc (21.3)
TCL (8.4.3)
Vim (6.2)

[Chapter 5]
  - GCC 3.3
    Strange problem here that turned out to be an issue with glibc 2.2.5.
    See my follow-up post to 'LFS gcc 3.3 make error' on

  - Glibc 2.3.2
    sscanf issue and those test timeout problems which you guys already
    know about. All the 'long double' tests failed because the results
    didn't match past the 20th decimal place. I ignored them. Just a
    question. Would it be better just to install a default locale rather
    than all of them? It's going to be deleted anyway so why not save a
    little time...

  - Gawk 3.1.2
    Not so much a problem as an observation - it needs bison. See problem
    in Ch 6.

There was another problem with building the documentation for a package 
(I think texinfo but I'm not sure...) because it contained an 'ifxml' 
command which the host systems texinfo didn't understand. I found the 
documentation files and commented out the unknown commands but I suppose 
it could have been ignored. Otherwise everything else went mostly okay.

[Chapter 6]
  - GCC 3.3
    I decided to enable all the languages, not just C and C++. The Java
    and Objective-C compilers needed bison. I realise most people would
    follow the book, but...

  - Gawk 3.1.2
    ...gawk needs bison. It actually tried to use yacc but I think that
    was just a fallback because I noticed the configure script look for,
    but not find, bison. Is it worth trying to get bison into Ch 5?

Everything else went _very_ my surprise. :) I wanted 
ReiserFS support and installed the utility programs straight after 
e2fsprogs without any problems or special modifications. Also installed 
Nasm just before building Lilo, again, without any problems or special 

And I now have a shiny new working LFS system! Booted first time and 
everything. Just have to iron out some networking issues (I think I 
missed a kernel module) and then onward to BLFS.

Big, huge, massive thanks to everyone thats put in so much work on this 
projects. :)

Andrew heath

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