Ch6: Installing Shadow-4.0.3: suggested patch

Edwin van Vliet cheatah at
Fri Jun 13 16:02:12 PDT 2003

Made a patch for the shadow suit install in chapter 6, since I find some
commands rather ugly. Especially the broken symlink and missing symlink
can be prevented by applying a patch to the src/ file. The
patch is included in the attachment. It seems to work for me, but
perhaps anyone else has some more remarks or suggestions.

it removes the line that creates the broken symlink
it adds a line that creates the correct symlink

begin 666 shadow-4.0.3.patch
M9&EF9B M3F%U<B!S:&%D;W<M-"XP+C,N;W)I9R]S<F,O36%K969I;&4N:6X@
M+F]R:6<O<W)C+TUA:V5F:6QE+FEN"3(P,#(M,#,M,3,@,C Z,#0Z,3 N,# P
M,# P,# P"BLK*R!S:&%D;W<M-"XP+C,O<W)C+TUA:V5F:6QE+FEN"3(P,#,M
M,#8M,30@,# Z,34Z,C,N,# P,# P,# P"D! ("TX,# L,3$@*S at P,"PQ,2! 
M0 H@:6YS=&%L;"UE>&5C+6AO;VLZ"B );&X at +7-F(&YE=V=R< DD*$1%4U1$
M25(I)"AB:6YD:7(I+W-G"BT);&X at +7-F('9I9W())"A$15-41$E2*20H8FEN
M9&ER*2]V:7!W"B )9F]R(&D@:6X@)"AS=6ED8FEN<RD[(&1O(%P*( D)8VAM
M;V0 at -#<U-2 D*$1%4U1$25(I)"AB:6YD:7(I+R0D:3L at 7 H@"61O;F4*( H@
M:6YS=&%L;"UD871A+6AO;VLZ"BL);&X at +7-F('9I<'<@)"A$15-41$E2*20H
M=7-B:6YD:7(I+W9I9W(*( EF;W(@:2!I;B D*'-U:61U8FEN<RD[(&1O(%P*
M( D)8VAM;V0 at -#<U-2 D*$1%4U1$25(I)"AU8FEN9&ER*2\D)&D[(%P*( ED

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