BUG - inetutils

Greg Schafer gschafer at zip.com.au
Sun Jun 15 02:19:57 PDT 2003


This showed up with a recent running of my ICA (Iterative Comparison
Analysis) scripts.

The rlogind binaries between iterations 1 & 2 are different due to:-

"checking for value of PATH_LOGIN... (default) $(bindir)/login"

when it should be:-

"checking for value of PATH_LOGIN... /bin/login"

obviously due to "/bin/login" not being installed yet at time of inetutils

This is a similar problem as the shadow "/bin/passwd" problem. The
difference here is that a simple "touch /bin/login" does not fix it. A
"chmod 755 /bin/login" is also needed.


ps - as already mentioned on the list, inetutils needs "--sysconfdir=/etc".
Additionally, it needs "--localstatedir=/var" for the PID paths.

pps - I'm still not convinced about this package. I understand the reasons
why it was included but something just doesn't feel right. Probably due to
it originating on the Hurd.
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