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Hmm ... now is the year 2003 
Is out there a Translation?


Thread from 
>> ( Don, 08 Feb 2001 ) Gregor Kroesen <-- : 
 > ... aber macht das denn wirklich Sinn ? Wer braucht denn in der LFS-Szene 
 > eeine Übersetzung , zumal man das LFS-BOOK - wie ich glaube - mehr als 
 > "Richtline" benötigt. 

-- en short tranlation -- 
 asking whether a translation makes sense, specially as the book 
 is needed more as a guideline - to his mind. 

1. a translation is generally only needed if
-. the original uses complex language specific structures
-. which therefore require native language capabilities
The book is written in simple and understandable english (not even
this "I recommend against" phrase). So someone who does not even
understand this will have difficulties in reading the documentation
and other stuff, too.
2. consider that you will 
-. have all your source documentation in english
-. be presented with english error messages (unless you activate nls)
-. cry for help in the lists in english, hopefully ;)
Imagine this: someone does not understand english, obviously his
starting distro has LANG and LC_MESSAGES set to "de", and of course he
then is using the german book. And now he runs into building problems,
getting some german error messages with translations even worse than
the english orignal. Quick solution: posting the whole stuff "as is"
to the list added with some german comments (as we know already his
english is pure). The next will be a reply: before I can answer, tell
me what the message says ... and another reply: RTFM ... - I leave
the rest of it to your phantasy.
3. translating is not that easy, just think how would you
-. translate a word like "compiler"
-. deal literal translation requirement against national phrase structure
I know what I am speaking about. I have built a bilangual en-de system
checking and rewriting completely all translations. If I see the original 
"infile is required for template generation flags" being translated as
"infile ist für die Template-Generierungs-Flags erforderlich" I ask myself
why this is called a translation!!
4. sidenote: read through traduc-fr archive and you get a good lesson.
Fazit: I do not think a translation is needed.

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