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Wed Jun 18 15:04:41 PDT 2003

James Robertson wrote:

> Tushar Teredesai wrote:
>> Would it be easier/logical for the book to just include package 
>> dependencies? e.g. Package glibc depends on Packages gcc, binutils, 
>> make, coreutils, ...
> Don't the freshmeat pages have this info? 

They are *supposed* to, but they don't. Also, there is a difference in 
the target audience. FM users don't want/need to know the core 
dependencies. Why would a Redhat user be interested in knowing that 
package X is dependent on the basic packages which are already installed 
on his system (such as coreutils, mktemp, glibc, etc.) and which can 
never be uninstalled.

>> If someone needs a more fine grained dependency list, the book should 
>> suggest the above approach (which could be converted into a hint).
> That is not a bad idea.  We could write a page near the beginning of 
> ch5 explaing in more detail why we do ch5 in the first place (more 
> than we do now) and how the "toolbox" as I call it has to be put 
> together in a certain order, because of the dependancies.  This could 
> then lead the reader to "if you want to know the method that the LFS 
> editors use to do package dependancy checking, read this hint..."  The 
> hint would/could be helpfull for the BLFS folks as well. 

The dependencies are complicated for the LFS portion, the BLFS portion 
is in a good position since it assumes that the user has installed all 
packages in LFS. BLFS dependencies are usually easy to figure out.

> I just know the monumental task of going though the packages for the 
> next update is going to be a pain. 

Yep, the joy of running LFS:)

> What do the big guys (RedHat, SuSE, etc) do?  Or are they so "in tune" 
> with the packages, that they know what the dependancies are?

Most of the distros have the ability to include dependencies for each 
package, but I don't think they are figured out automatically. Also, 
they don't list the core dependencies unless a package requires a 
specific version of glibc/gcc/...

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