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Jeroen Coumans jeroencoumans at
Wed Jun 18 15:28:58 PDT 2003

Hi all,
I've gotten Gerard's "Go", so here we go...

The last weeks I've worked on the new LFS website. It's getting ready 
for testing now so all flames ^H^H^H^H constructive criticism and 
general feedback is welcome. On the new site there are details about the 
implementation and what still needs to be done. I've made some 
adjustments to the text at various places, mostly in the hint and ALFS 
department. Please read it and send me patches (against source or text) 
if you don't like it. This counts especially for the maintainers of the 
various sections!
Some links don't work yet, esp. the mirror links, so just use the 
section navigation lists or the "Temporary placeholder". It's tested in 
Konqueror, Mozilla/Firebird, Opera-7, IE6, links-2 and lynx.

Current bugs (I'm working on these but all tips are welcome):
* Konqueror-3.1.2: In the header, the right items (#language and 
#search) appear below the title and subtitle. They should appear at the 
same height.
* Gecko (Mozilla-1.3.1 and Firebird 0.6): the header appears a bit below 
the viewport.
* Opera 7.11: renders correctly
* Internet Explorer 6-SP1: navigation lists have too large padding. No 
background logo.
This last one has no fix possible except another logo, which brings me 
to my next point:
We need a new logo! We need 4 logo's, one for each section, preferably 
with the same theme. The prize: your design on the LFS website!
Requirements: the logos should be approx. 450x100. Preferred image 
format is PNG, and if you need transparancy, please provide alternative 
images which we can serve to handicapped browsers (IE). The image should 
fit in the current design (or I need patches against the stylesheet).

Oh yeah, the link is:

Please send replies to lfs-chat!

Jeroen Coumans

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