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Thu Jun 19 06:41:25 PDT 2003

Matthias Benkmann wrote:
> On Wed, 18 Jun 2003 12:29:11 -0600 Gerard Beekmans
> <gerard at> wrote:
>>Then again some programs configure checks for are only required during 
>>configure's phase itself, 
> And you don't consider those to be dependencies?

I do.  This is why I started this thread.

> Are we talking about build-time or run-time dependencies here?

I was thinking built-time dependencies.  What is required by a package 
to successfully configue, make and make install.  I would think that 
run-time dependencies would very similar (actualy a sub-set) of the 
build-time ones.  This may not be true in all cases, but probably true 
in most.  This is what configure scripts are for in the first place - to 
make sure that the environment has all the required stuff before running 

>>But there are gotcha's. Sometimes when configure doesn't find a program
>>it'll happily continue, make and make install may continue as well, but
>>those missing programs were needed for a normal functioning program or
> If this happens during a normal LFS build, then LFS is broken and we have
> a much worse problem than an incorrect dependency list. If the dep list
> comes from a normal LFS build, this should not be an issue.
I agree.  That seems a bit scary.  Has anyone seen this directly?  I 
have only been doing LFS for about 9 months.  In that time I have built 
about 12 boxes. I like to look at the configure logs on each build to 
see what was found and not.  Have learned a lot by doing this.  I have 
not seen an instance where confire said it could not find something and 
make and/or make install kept on going.  Actually, in my experience, 
configure crapped out when it could not find something important that 
the program needed.

>>is that you get a true dependency list. The (very) big con is that you
>>need to be very familiar with a program and know which missing files
>>will cause in different program  behaviour.
> Why is that such a big con? Don't we have all this knowledge around here?

I would think so.  There are a lot of folks on these lists with some 
excellent experience.

Remember that my origianl goal was to try and find and easier way to 
find a package's dependencies without going through a manual inspection 
of the files and/or do a "Gerard" style manual build.

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