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Thu Jun 19 08:53:39 PDT 2003

On 2003-06-19 08:41:25 +0000, James Robertson wrote:
> >Are we talking about build-time or run-time dependencies here?
> I was thinking built-time dependencies.  What is required by a package 
> to successfully configure, make and make install.  I would think that 
> run-time dependencies would very similar (actually a sub-set) of the 
> build-time ones.  This may not be true in all cases, but probably true 
> in most.  This is what configure scripts are for in the first place - to 
> make sure that the environment has all the required stuff before running 
> make.
It is sufficiently untrue to be a useless assumption. Many programs
will build happily in the absence of others, but will use them if
they turn up later. Today's example is fbi. AFAICT, to get a fully
functional fbi, before you start, you will need:
  libpcd libjpeg libungif libpng tiff zlib

And their dependencies.

The makefile looks for x, so I have not tried fbi without x.

Tomorrow I will install ImageMagick, which has a huge dependency list.
When I do, fbi will use ImageMagick to convert any file formats that
it does not recognise.

fbi contains a script called fbgs to display postscript/pdf's (without
the URL security flaw ;-). It needs ghostscript to work. I have it
installed already this time, but last time I think it was the other way

To work out proper dependencies, you are going to have to read the
documentation, and in some cases the source as well.

If you set some program to scan configure configure scripts you will
have to find beer in a refrigerator, and sacrifice a vegetarian voodoo
chicken. There is a whole pile of still that configure scripts look for
just to see if anyone reads the output.


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