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Ken Moffat ken at
Fri Jun 20 17:53:02 PDT 2003

On Fri, 20 Jun 2003, Nicholas Leippe wrote:

> I've set up the wiki on the sf account, and seeded it with some entries from
> recent issues on the list.  This should be enough to give an idea of what can
> be done.
> Since there wasn't much enthusiasm when this was first mentioned a while back,
> I don't expect everyone to rush to it.  (/me hears groans, "yet another place
> to look!")
> Please, at least read the introduction and purpose on the homepage and give it
> a chance.  I really do think a wiki can help LFS be that much better.
> I'd like to give it a week or two for the active contributors on lfs-dev to
> play with it and add to it before mentioning it to lfs-support.
> Well, anyways, here it is:

 Interesting, but I was taken aback to see a heading of `Deprecated'
(gcc-2.95.3), I thought it would be for old things, and this causes me
to ask two questions:

(i) In my opinion, this gcc entry refers to chapter 6, not chapter 5 -
would I be able to move it into the chapter 6 section ?

(ii) You've copied in Zack's posting on this, in which he refers to the
attached patch, but of course there is no link to the patch.  Are we any
nearer getting an lfs-patches site ?

Actually, I've got a third question - the last release of the book and
current CVS are very different, and I suspect this is usual.  The
examples relate to CVS, should we have a separate (and hopefully sparse)
section for releases of the book, or will this always be for CVS ?

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