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Csaba Henk tphhec01 at
Sat Jun 21 08:32:27 PDT 2003

In article <20030619155339.GB17564 at urusai.localnet.rcl>, richard at wrote:
> If you set some program to scan configure configure scripts you will
> have to find beer in a refrigerator, and sacrifice a vegetarian voodoo
> chicken. There is a whole pile of still that configure scripts look for
> just to see if anyone reads the output.

Couldn't be this dependency tracking done based on header files? Of course,
even if it worked, this would find *all* utilizable other packages, and not
just the ones needed for a sane basic functionality. 

But can we *ever* hope for better? The "sane basic functionality" is
somewhere between the minimal stuff for get the package built and the set of
all utilizable things, and it's of a quite subjective nature. I don't see
how could it be find algorithmically.

Anyway, an algorithmic way of finding a correct overestimation of the
dependencies wouldn't still be helpful? Trimming down such a superset
shouldn't be so hard.


    At various Linux forums you can pick out the experts by checking who say /
imply "Real men use Debian". How stupid. No doubt, real men use LFS :) 
    But the toughest guys are the ones who, besides using LFS, have such an own
package management system which copes with Debian's.
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