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Scot Mc Pherson scot at
Tue Jun 24 06:32:53 PDT 2003

The Cheeze wrote:

> On Mon, 23 Jun 2003 19:21:11 -0400, Andy <xanadu at> wrote:
>> LFS spam?
>> tsk tsk.
> I don't know about anyone else on this list but i never got that message.
> I don't have any local spam filters running currently either so it must've
> got removed by spam assasin that the mailinglist uses.

The news server didn't get the message either, are you sure you didn't get a
spoofed e-mail?  There are trojans that can spoof on delivery by checking
your address books. But of course that sort of rely's on you using sth like
outlook or outlook express. Maybe some of hte newish linux mail clients can
be effected the same way, but I doubt it. (evolution, kmail)
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