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Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Jun 25 09:19:10 PDT 2003

Hi guys,

As Jeroen has announced, we'll be holding an LFS Logo contest. I thought
it'd be nice to throw in a small price as an extra incentive and "thank
you" to the winner.

The price is going to be a brand new book called "UNIX Systems
Programming" which is the anticipated update of the mid-1990's UNIX
programming classic "Practical UNIX Programming" by Kay and Steven
Robins (same authors who wrote this new book).

This completely updated book demonstrates how to design complex software
to get the most from the UNIX operating system, whether using Linux.
Solaris, Mac OS X or another POSIX-based system. This new edition
features all-new chapters on the Web, UPD and server performance. The
book thoroughly explores communication, concurrency and multi-threading.
It also deals with UNIX process files/special files, signal/timers,
POSIX threads, semaphores, IPC, TCP/UDP/multicast and more.

It also contains excersises throughout the chapters to test if you can
put to work what you just learned.

I'm reading through it right now for work and will be writing a review
and posting a sample chapter up at tools.devchannel.org when I'm
finished. And, don't worry I won't be giving the winner this used book.
I was sent an extra copy as a promotial item and hand out to whom I want

Oh, the book is even in hard-cover.

There is no hard set deadline for the logo. We're working on a new LFS
website design which will take some time. Ideally the winning logo
should be picked out around the time the website is done (subscribe to
the website at linuxfromscratch.org mailinglist if you want to stay abreast
of progress).

I only have one book to give away, so the winner of the LFS logo will
get the book. But it would still be nice to have (slightly) different
logo's for ALFS, BLFS and Hints that will be more in line with that
project's 'theme'.

Gerard Beekmans

/* Linux Consultant --- OSDN / DevChannel *
 * Technical Writer --- CheapBytes        */

/* If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem */

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