Suggestion for CVS re GID's

James Robertson jameswrobertson at
Thu Jun 26 07:43:26 PDT 2003

Jeremy Utley wrote:
> Hey guys -
> This one came up on LFS-Support earlier, and I thought that maybe it's
> something we should address here.
> The current CVS instructions create the user "lfs", without specifying a
> group for that user.  This causes useradd to default to gid "100". 
> However, if no group is specified for GID 100, the glibc make check in
> chapter 5 WILL bail, every time.
> We should probably have a "groupadd -g 100 users" set up there, and warn
> the user that this may error, if the distro has already set up a gid
> 100.
> Just a suggestion.
> -J-

He, he

That was my error!  LOL.  This is an excellent idea.  I would just have 
the user look in /etc/group to make sure 100 exists and if it does not, 
then create a group 100 called users or something.  We could also have 
the user do an "id" and see what comes up.  "id" will tell you the gid 
and name if the group exists.  If the group does not, then gid does not 
exist and needs to be created.  Most distros will have a gid 100, but 
not all.

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