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Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Jun 27 09:44:16 PDT 2003

On Sun, 2003-06-08 at 23:28, Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> I'm not trying to suggest LFS is insufficient wrt. its intended 
> audience, I'm trying to suggest it's intended audience and it's actual 
> audience are not clear from the book.

I didn't read all the emails of this (and that other thread started as
--enable-languages for gcc) but it seems you guys are overlooking one

Let me firs restate the obvious: LFS' target audience are those who have
had prior Linux exposure: intermediate and above (though you can't
clearly define what an intermediate is). There are a lot of users as
evidenced by lfs-support emails and FAQ entries that do not fall into
this category. But you have to keep perspective too: what percentage are
those lfs-support users? If this is a large percentage, then our actual
and target audiences do not match.

But what if those people on lfs-support are only a small fraction of the
total number of LFSers? The point is that intermediate and above people
will hardly ever need lfs-support because they can figure things out on
their own. So we neve hear from them, but they do exist.

The LFS Counter was an attempt to gauge how many LFSers are out there.
It shows us the absolutely minimum number of people using LFS on a
regular basis. I've never did some kind of research how many out of how
many people take the time to register as an LFS user.

Let me hazard a guess and assume 1 in 20 people register. Current
counter database holds about 9700 entries. In the last 11 days there
have been almost 19 thousand hits to the /view/cvs/ directory. I don't
know how many unique IP addresses this includes (I'll have to install a
log analyzer soon) but I'm sure there are a few thousand unique people
who accessed the CVS book in the last two weeks.

Way back when we still had the lfs-packages tarball on the server I used
the number of downloads as a gauge of unique people. I assumed not too
many people would download a 100+MB file more than once. The last good
number was for LFS-3.3. A total of 12630 downloads of the
lfs-packages-3.3.tar file. Many people would just have downloaded
individual files, like the new ones since the release before that one.

Based on previous numbers and dosis of gut feeling I think we can say we
have quite a few people out there who have read the LFS book and
downloaded the files to go with it. I'd say twenty, thirty thousand,
maybe more.

Now compare that number against the number of people who ask support
questions. What percentage of our user base is using the support list?
Maybe this'll help judge how poorly we're doing with targeting our
intended audience.

Having said all this, I do agree the book has to change in some ways.
But I don't think we're doing all that badly as sometimes seems.

Gerard Beekmans

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