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Tushar Teredesai linux_from_scratch at
Fri Jun 27 10:25:13 PDT 2003

Erika Pacholleck wrote:

>[26.06.2003] Tushar Teredesai <-- :
>>I meant that the book should highly recommend that
Ch 5 be compiled as a 
>>non-root user, and should recommend creating a
seperate account rather 
>>than using an existing non-root user. But the
specific groupadd/useradd 
>>commands should be left out of the book. (Maybe
mention that groupadd 
>>and useradd can be used to add a group and user to
the system.)
>What about consistancy? If I understand you
correctly, you want on one
>hand just tell the user, you better create an own lfs
user/group, and
>then go down to linux-beginner-command-level and tell
him, use the
>user/groupadd commands for that.
>If you give and explain every chmod, cp, mv command,
but then suddenly
>leave the user alone with a general advice to create
an lfs user and
>expect him to find out how to use man and info, you
cannot complain
>about used-to-c&p-newbies support requests.
I thought the focus was to remove thes "handholding"
from the book. 
Someone who is interested in Copy+Paste only would be
better suited for 
a source based distro.

Also the book does not explain cp, rm, etc. The book
explains why 
something is being copied to a different location or
why something is 
removed after installation. In the same vien the book
can explain why a 
seperate user/group is advisable.

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