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El Viernes 27 de Junio de 2003 19:22, Dagmar d'Surreal escribió:
> About the only thing I could think of that would maybe reduce those
> numbers would be to send out a copy of the relevant FAQ to each person
> who subscribes to the lists, and maybe attach a little note at the tope
> that says "If you ask a question already answered in this FAQ, we will
> all laugh at you."  The number of people who post dumb questions who
> /aren't/ subscribed are well under 5% of list content.

How about this? Don't mention the mailing lists at all in the website, just 
point to the FAQ.
Then, the last Q could be "I'm still having problems. Where can I get more 
help?" and the A would be the mailing lists.
If someone already suggested this, count my vote :-)

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