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Sat Jun 28 06:29:04 PDT 2003

Stefan Krah said the following on 28-6-2003 15:20:
> * Jeroen Coumans <jeroencoumans at> wrote:
>>Stefan Krah said the following on 28-6-2003 9:20:
>>>Could you please name the groups lfs.faq and The faq
>>>group right now looks strange w/o the lfs hierarchy.
>>That was my idea. The FAQ and the Website are "meta" projects, they 
>>concern all current LFS projects (LFS, BLFS, ALFS and the hints). So 
>>they shouldn't fall in the hierarchy of LFS alone.
>>The names are thus chosen because of their semantic correctness. esides, 
>>they're identified by the so I don't see the problem.
> I get the idea and for the mailinglists it is ok, but for news it is not.
> Look at my /var/spool/news:
> root at canberra:~# ls /var/spool/news/
> blfs  dormant.groups   faq        interesting.groups  lfs         out.going
> de    failed.postings  in.coming  leaf.node   temp.files
> You see the top level hierarchies blfs, de, lfs and *faq*. I also use
> another news server, What if decides to
> create a top level hierarchy named faq? (Yes, I know they won't, but
> why should LFS use top level hierarchies so lavishly?)
> One should keep in mind that LFS is not only the LFS project, but also
> the abbreviation for linuxfromscratch[.org]. The top level hierarchy
> lfs.* refers to the domain as well as to the project. It would even make
> sense to drop blfs.* and create groups like (But I
> don't really suggest that, just making a point.)

It's a good point. In my defense, I don't know much about the newsgroups 
since I don't use them.

Just some thoughts here. Isn't there an option in your newsreader to 
display newsgroups based on servers? I assume that your /var/spool/news 
isn't what you use for reading, right? And certainly you can arrange 
that * goes under 
/var/spool/news/, like it's intended? Otherwise, 
how would conflicts be resolved if you subscribe to, say 
bugs at and bugs at They wouldn't both be called 
"bugs", right?

Also, your complaint applies to the hints too (so there's a precedent 
for faq@ and website@).

Anyway, since Gerard is going to convert to GNU Mailman, perhaps there 
will also be changes in the newsgroups to accomodate these complaints.

Jeroen Coumans

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