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Stefan Krah sfk1 at
Sat Jun 28 08:07:35 PDT 2003

* Jeroen Coumans <jeroencoumans at> wrote:
>> root at canberra:~# ls /var/spool/news/
>> blfs  dormant.groups   faq        interesting.groups  lfs         out.going
>> de    failed.postings  in.coming  leaf.node   temp.files
>> You see the top level hierarchies blfs, de, lfs and *faq*. I also use
>> another news server, What if decides to
>> create a top level hierarchy named faq? (Yes, I know they won't, but
>> why should LFS use top level hierarchies so lavishly?)
>> One should keep in mind that LFS is not only the LFS project, but also
>> the abbreviation for linuxfromscratch[.org]. The top level hierarchy
>> lfs.* refers to the domain as well as to the project. It would even make
>> sense to drop blfs.* and create groups like (But I
>> don't really suggest that, just making a point.)
> It's a good point. In my defense, I don't know much about the newsgroups 
> since I don't use them.
> Just some thoughts here. Isn't there an option in your newsreader to 
> display newsgroups based on servers? I assume that your /var/spool/news 
> isn't what you use for reading, right? And certainly you can arrange 
> that * goes under 
> /var/spool/news/, like it's intended? Otherwise, 

I run a leafnode, a local news server. /var/spool/news is under leafnode's
control and if I poll a news server which propagates a top level hierarchy
"faq" then leafnode duly creates one.

> how would conflicts be resolved if you subscribe to, say 
> bugs at and bugs at They wouldn't both be called 
> "bugs", right?

No, that's why the top level hierarchies have different names,
mozilla.bugs and gnome.bugs would be the way to go.

> Also, your complaint applies to the hints too (so there's a precedent 
> for faq@ and website@).

stefan:~> telnet 119
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
200 InterNetNews NNRP server INN 2.3.5 ready
(posting ok).
list active
lfs.test 0000000495 0000000460 y 0000014404 0000012697 y 0000017095 0000015640 y
alfs.discuss 0000001610 0000001498 y 0000029493 0000026945 y
lfs.traducfr 0000001274 0000001210 y 0000000493 0000000465 y
lfs.hints 0000001523 0000001380 y

You see:  test-list <--> lfs.test;  hints <--> lfs.hints 

No need to change the names of the mailing lists.

Followups should probably go to lfs-chat, too much OT content.

Stefan Krah
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