cross-compiling LFS

Greg Schafer gschafer at
Mon Mar 3 03:09:13 PST 2003

On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 08:59:02PM -0600, Jack Brown wrote:
> The usual way around this is to "bounce" back and forth between the
> different build directories. Basically it looks something like this:
> - build binutils for the new target
> - start building gcc (C only! no C++) using "make -k" so that it will try
> to contiune on past errors. (this will fail anyway though, and that is
> expected), you also usually have to manually copy over some files
> (float.h) from the host system into the build tree.
> - install the kernel headers
> - start building glibc. again you need to use "make -k" and again this is
> expected to fail, but as with the gcc step, install as much as possible.
> - finish building gcc, this time you should have enough of glibc
> installed that gcc can complete sucessfully
> - finish installing glibc. since gcc is now complete, glibc should
> compile sucessfully.
> then you have a cross-toolchain

That is very ugly indeed. But I s'pose you do what you have to do.

> I know that what I describe sounds a little harry but still doable. the

a little harry? I would have said a little William!
Sorry, couldn't resist :-)

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