NPTL, and looking to 2.6

James Iwanek chthon at
Mon Mar 3 13:05:48 PST 2003

Matt Reppert wrote:

> On Mon, 03 Mar 2003 12:57:15 +0000
> James Iwanek <chthon at> wrote:
>> Greg Schafer wrote:
>> > Has anyone been keeping up with NPTL developments? I've sort of kept an
>> > eye on it but haven't been game enough to try a 2.5 kernel yet. My
>> > understanding (which could be totally wrong) is you need:-
>> > 
>> >  - 2.5 kernel headers
>> >  - configure glibc with "--with-tls" for the Thread Local Storage ELF
>> >  ABI - gcc-3.3 or the RHL8 branch of 3.2.x for gcc "__thread" keyword
>> >  support
>> > 
>> > Dunno.
>> > 
>> > Greg
>> expanding on the kernel headers bit you need atleast 2.5.37 (or so the
>> release notes for 0.1 say)
> That's where Ingo's first threading improvements got merged ... it's my
> understanding that there are other outstanding changes, like signalling
> improvements, before NPTL is really useful. (This is from a quick scan
> through the docs a few weeks ago, so this may not be terribly accurate ...
> ) Note: I'm drawing a line between "useful" and "useable". You might be
> able to use NPTL to thread now, I don't know, I haven't tried (yet). But
> there are things that need to happen kernel-side.
> Of course, if you're not running a 2.5 kernel, you don't have the
> threading improvements that make NPTL really useful and amazing :) So I'd
> say you'd need to run a 2.5 kernel. (I've got a hard drive coming in,
> hopefully in the next week, for my bomb box, and then I can start looking
> at this a little more closely.)
> As long as we're talking about changes in 2.5, since 2.6 is hopefully
> going to be released in four months, people might want to familiarize
> themselves with which
> is basically Dave Jones' list of stuff that's changed. Other than how
> input devices get configured, the first thing people will probably notice
> is modules. Modules got rewritten, and this started getting merged in
> 2.5.48. Kernels after that WON'T WORK with the current modutils; you need
> to get the module-init-utils package, which currently lives in
> pub/linux/kernel/people/rusty/modules on your favorite mirror.
> (In my experience, 2.5 has been runnable since 2.5.42 or so ... that's the
> first version I tried, and it works. The framebuffer is noticeably faster
> than 2.4.21-pre, and I've been able to handle surprisingly large numbers
> of (mostly sleeping) processes without killing the machine. If you have
> a bomb box of some sort, it might be fun to try 2.5; I ran it on my
> desktop without problems, but ... well, let's just say I don't want to say
> "try it" and then have people come back to me an say "hey, you bastard, I
> lost my system". It Worked For Me[tm].)
> Matt

another place to look for post 2.6 goodies is

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