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Wed Mar 5 07:07:01 PST 2003

In the latest "pure Lfs" hint, Tue Mar 4 03:18:53, is the following.

  In other words, release coordination between the projects is not a
  priority. In reality, this means that Alan Cox is right when he says
  that you cannot just go to ftp.gnu.org and grab the latest of every-
  thing and always expect it to just work. Unfortunately, the LFS pro-
  ject does exactly that.

I believe the last line should be replaced with a more *accurate*
statement, maybe something like this.

  Although the LFS project *appears* to do just that, what is really
  happening is that new releases are quickly added to the CVS version of
  the book so that more aggressive users may rigorously exercise the
  newly released packages to determine strengths, weaknesses,
  incompatibilities and needed install instruction changes. So if you
  habitually work with the CVS version of LFS you may experience some
  surprises. If you don't like surprizes, stick with the official re-
  leases if you can.


Bill maltby

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