libiberty revisited

James Iwanek chthon at
Wed Mar 5 10:03:48 PST 2003

just looked at the libiberty user guide and i think we really should still
be installing the libiberty files, the exert from the libiberty user guide
and link below should back this up:

For your own projects, an approach which offers stability and flexibility is
to include libiberty with your code, but allow the end user to optionally
choose to use a previously-installed version instead. In this way the user
may choose (for example) to install libiberty as part of GCC, and use that
version for all software built with that compiler. (This approach has
proven useful with software using the GNU readline library.)


ps: the version which comes with binutils appears to be newer at the moment
(binutils and gcc-3.2.2)
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