libiberty revisited

James Iwanek chthon at
Thu Mar 6 07:44:35 PST 2003

Greg Schafer wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 06, 2003 at 12:04:02AM +0000, James Iwanek wrote:
>> okey dokey:
>> from the above source ;-)
>> (This approach has proven useful with software using the GNU readline
>> library.)
> You've completely missed the point... again :-)
>  - Bucket loads of software depends on (or can utilise) an ALREADY
>    readline
>  - nothing at all (it seems) depends on an ALREADY INSTALLED libiberty.
>  One
>    app has been identified that may make a (dubious) use if libiberty.h is
>    available
> Dude, I'm not wasting any more breath on this minor issue as I've backed
> up my arguments with facts. Please don't force me to pull out the cluebat
> :-)
> Greg

i read "depends" as "makes valid use of" - dont mind me ;-)

i still say that we should leave the decision up to the user though

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