cross-compiling LFS

Mark Ellis mark.uzumati at
Sat Mar 8 02:09:08 PST 2003

On 2003.03.03 02:59 Jack Brown wrote:
> Incidentally the cross-toolchain is only the beginning of your
> problems
> since packages like bash will refuse to compile usin a cross
> toolchain.
> For those you'll probably have to find precompiled versions.  since
> the
> resulting system will be quite dirty (mismatched versions, etc) I
> sugest
> that once you get that far you should do a normal LFS type build to
> make
> the system you actually want to use.
> If you manage to get this to work sucessfully let us know I'd be
> intrested to hear how things went for you.

I'm working on getting around these problems by priming config.cache 
before doing ./configure for a cross-comp of the Hurd, compiles go 
well, don't know about runtime yet unfortunately 'cos of Mach panics. 
Mail me direct if you want details.

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