Just a small grumble about fstab in the book.

James Iwanek chthon at chthon-uk.com
Tue Mar 11 04:49:40 PST 2003

Giles Bathgate wrote:

> Dear lfs-dev.
> The other day I wasn't recalling from memory correctly and I put and e2fs
> entry in /etc/fstab during chapter 6 rather than ext2. It booted, but
> later on I discovered that my fs was not being properly checked. ;)
> Anyway my grumble is that in chapter 3 it is suggested to mke2fs and then
> in chapter 6 it says
> [snip]
> *LFS*, *swap* and *fs-type* have to be replaced with the appropriate
> values (/dev/hda2, /dev/hda5 and reiserfs for example).
> [snip]
> If ext2 was mentioned here I think it would be better.
> Giles.

i mentioned a while back that you could put:

rootfs                      /           rootfs     defaults    1       1

and that would work perfectly, just to prove it ive attached my fstab

/me trudges back into my cave (why does nobody ever listen? ;-) ) 
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