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TITLE:		The lfs bootlogo hint
AUTHOR:		Giles Bathgate <>

	How to get a 256 color logo with pretty fonts instead of the LILO prompt.

The lfs bootlogo hint


With the bootlogo patch from SuSE
you can get a nice 256 color logo 
instead of the lilo prompt. This 
patch will help you.


You need:
 - SuSE's lilo-22.3.2-51.src.rpm []
 - SuSE's gfxboot-1.9-54.src.rpm []
 - rpm2cpio Perl Script []
 - gnu cpio-2.5.tar.gz []
 - nasm []

The author of the suse packages is Steffen Winterfeldt <>

Since suse only supplies Source rpms for these patches we install rpm2cpio and cpio to extract the files.
Start by extracting cpio and nasm to your build dir. Then copy Suse Lilo-22.3.2.src.rpm, gfxboot-1.9.src.rpm 
and the rpm2cpio Perl Script to your build dir. Then cd into your build directory. ;)

nasm is needed for this version of lilo, cd into your nasm directory and

./configure --prefix=/usr &&
make &&
make install

cpio is needed to unpack the SRPM's along with rpm2cpio. cd into your cpio directory and

./configure --prefix=/usr --libexec=/usr/sbin --bindir=/bin &&
make &&
make install

Just cd into the directory where rpm2cpio is located and

install -m 755 rpm2cpio /usr/bin

This will install suse's patched version of lilo

rpm2cpio lilo-22.3.2-51.src.rpm | cpio -i &&
tar -xzf lilo-22.3.2.tar.gz &&
cd lilo-22.3.2 &&
patch -Np1 -i ../lilo-22.3.2-gfx.diff &&
patch -Np1 -i ../lilo-22.3.2-gfx2.diff &&
patch -N -i ../lilo-22.3.2-gfx3.diff &&
make &&
make install

**Ignore the message saying lilo must be run to complete the update we will run it later**

This contains suse's programs to make pretty boot screens from PCX images.

rpm2cpio gfxboot-1.9-54.src.rpm | cpio -i &&
tar -xjf gfxboot-1.9.tar.bz2 &&
cd gfxboot-1.9 &&
make X11LIBS=/usr/X11R6/lib &&
make install

If you followed my instructions exactly you might want to run this script to move some files around 
and clean up your build directory. this script also moves some fonts that come with the gfxboot package 
into the bootscreens directory. cd into you build directory and run:


mkdir bootscreens &&
mv gfxboot-1.9/fixed* bootscreens/ &&
mv SuSE-SLES.config bootscreens/ &&
mv SuSE-SLES.pcx bootscreens/ &&
mv SuSE.config bootscreens/ &&
mv SuSE.pcx bootscreens/ &&
mv happysuse.mod bootscreens/ &&
mv UnitedLinux.config bootscreens/ &&
mv UnitedLinux.pcx bootscreens/ &&
mv lilo-22.3.2/ &&
rm lilo-22.3.2-loop_dev.diff &&
rm lilo-22.3.2-no_auto_cr.diff &&
rm gfxboot-1.9-54.src.rpm &&
rm gfxboot-1.9.dif &&
rm lilo-22.3.2-pdf.diff &&
rm lilo-22.3.2-sa.diff &&
rm lilo-22.3.2-vga_inst.diff &&
rm gfxboot.spec &&
rm lilo-22.3.2.diff &&
rm lilo.spec &&
rm lilo-22.3.2-51.src.rpm &&
rm lilo-22.3.2-evms.patch

Using the software

An example UnitedLinux.config is included in the gfxboot backage. This package will have ended up in the bootscreens directory, after cleanup
cd into the bootscreens directroy and use:

mkbootmsg -c UnitedLinux.config /boot/message

to make the bootscreen and add

message = /boot/message 

to your /etc/lilo.conf

then run

/sbin/lilo -v

For more information how to use different fonts and bootscreens see gfxboot-1.9/README

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