a small mistake in the digests

Alex Groenewoud krisp at wanadoo.nl
Sun Mar 16 04:17:20 PST 2003


When in a message sent to the lfs mailing lists the "Subject:" line 
comes before the "From:" line, this subject does not show up in the 
"In This Issue:" table of contents at the beginning of the digest.

This is of course a very minor bug, and I don't know how many 
people are using the digests and if it's worth the trouble, but 
it's easily repaired by applying the attached patch to Listar.
(The development of Listar appears to be long dead, otherwise I 
would have submitted the patch there.)

The patch ain't perfect, though: if a message doesn't contain a 
"From:" line at all, its subject will show up twice in the digest's 
table of contents.  But I still have to see the first message that 
doesn't contain a "From:" line.

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