proposing a small addition to the digests

Alex Groenewoud krisp at
Sun Mar 16 04:18:28 PST 2003

To make it possible to respond to a message in a digest without 
breaking the thread, I would like to propose to add the 
"Message-ID:" line to each message in a digest.

Every message would then be preceded by "From:", "Date:", "Subject:" 
and "theMessage-ID:" lines.  In a response the "theMessage-ID:" line 
would then have to be changed to an "In-Reply-To:" line and moved to 
header of the message.

This would only slightly enlarge the digests, but make them much 
more useful -- at least in my eyes, as I can't be bothered with the 
POP-overhead of fetching and deleting every single message.

What do other digest users think?

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