Answering an age old question (upcoming LFS related project)

James Iwanek chthon at
Sun Mar 16 14:50:23 PST 2003

hi all,
        ive noticed that many people build the packages in chapter6 two or more
times to get an extra clean system. over the last week ive been testing
lfs-cvs to see if this would really be of any benefit or just paranoia from
clean freaks ;-). from my current research ive decided that rebuilding
*certain* packages may benefit a final system. anyway i need test results
from as many people as possible to get conclusive results. the end product
will be a hint and possible patches to the lfs-book.

if you want to submit test results all you need to do is save the source
code from the first chapter 6 build in a different place, rebuild chapter6
a second time (in the same location as you built the first) and diff (using
diff -urN) the different source directories (script to automate the diffing
comming soon).

candidate's for test results need to be using the latest version of the
pure_lfs hint and the latest CVS version of the book

when you have generated the results tar and bzip them and send them to the
email address below, include in the mail the type/speed of your system,
if/how (and why) you deviated from the book , if you used different
package's than the ones reccomended by the book and any other information
relevent to the generated diffs

diff filenames should be in the format of <package>-<package-version>.diff

if you also give permission your name will be added to the final hints

the email address to send results to is: cleanlfs at
to see the progress of the project visit:

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