a small mistake in the digests

Brian Shortridge bshortridge at tellumat.com
Mon Mar 17 01:14:19 PST 2003

Alex Groenewoud wrote:
> ... This is of course a very minor bug, and I don't know how many
> people are using the digests and if it's worth the trouble, but
> it's easily repaired by applying the attached patch to Listar.
> (The development of Listar appears to be long dead, otherwise I
> would have submitted the patch there.)


While you're about it, do you know how to patch listar to make it cut
everything below the signature script? It would mean that I wouldn't have to
cringe everytime I sent an email to the list and feel sorry for everyone
having to read a page of legal smelly stuff that my company attaches to all
my outgoing emails.

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