filesystem error and wrong interprtation in bootscripts

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Mon Mar 17 06:21:38 PST 2003

"Christian Hesse" <news at> wrote in message
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> Hello!
> I'm running a lfs-system from cvs, some packages upgrade. I do not
have any
> problems with my file system in the normal running system. But
> the checks after the maximum mount count ist reached seems to find
> There is something said about "Optimizing Directories" and after that
> lfs-bootscripts want to halt my system.
> So here are my two questions:
> 1. Are there any known bugs in e2fsprogs version 1.32 concerning the
> optimization of directories? And if fsck optimizes the directories,
> exit status does it return? I couldn't find anything about that in the
> manpage.
> 2. If fsck corrects an error, it returns 3 regarding to the manpage (1
> the occured error + 2 for the needed reboot). But if I look in the lfs
> bootscripts (/etc/rc.d/init.d/checkfs) an exit status of 3 is already
> interpreted as a fatal error that halts the system:

This was discussed fairly recently I think - you may want to check the
archives (searchable at for more
concrete details but IIRC it was realised that the bootscripts didn't
handle the exit codes of the newer versions of e2fsprogs and I believe
some fixes were contributed for consideration although as I said before
the archives will certainy give you more definitive answers.


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