enabling listar to snip company blurbs

Alex Groenewoud krisp at wanadoo.nl
Thu Mar 20 13:30:04 PST 2003

Brian Shortridge wrote:
> While you're about it, do you know how to patch listar to make it
> cut everything below the signature script? It would mean that I
> wouldn't have to cringe everytime I sent an email to the list and
> feel sorry for everyone having to read a page of legal smelly
> stuff that my company attaches to all my outgoing emails.

If Gerard or Jesse is willing to apply the attached patch, then you 
could place in your post the following line:

---8<--- Listar, please snip here ---8<---

and that line and everything after it would be dropped from your 
post.  It would mean, though, you couldn't send any attachments, as 
they would be dropped too.

Jesse or Gerard may want to choose a triggerline that is easier to 
type, or you could add the above line to your signature.

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