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DJ Lucas dj_me at
Thu Mar 20 15:04:32 PST 2003

Ian Molton wrote:

> would you like to actually explain (as asked) how a broken host
> compiler can actually be garaunteed to produce a working compiler
> from which to bootstrap other things?

First off, see Tush's reply to this question....secondly below:

Okay...which distro's provide us with a broken compiler?  Which (if any)
of the former LFS builds produced such a compiler?   As a group, I'm
thinking that it would not be too difficult to test this, given a good
test suite or some binaries to diff agianst from similar/same arch

> And I *asked* what the benefit is.

In a nutshell:

1.  No need to use the "brute force" method (completely rebuild ch6) to
obtain a "clean" system.

2.  No second (and third in the above case) gcc (and other software)
build necessary.


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