Pure LFS 1.0 hint released

Greg Schafer gschafer at zip.com.au
Thu Mar 20 20:20:14 PST 2003


I've submitted it for publication with the rest of the hints. The diff from
the previous version is attached for those interested. New scripts are up as

To quote some good Aussie slang, Ryan & myself are convinced more than ever
that this really is the "duck's nuts" :-) of LFS build methods. Having
hacked on this stuff for many a late night, we have a pretty good
perspective on the nitty gritty and firmly believe this is a major
improvement over current LFS and should hold us in good stead going forward.

Hopefully now that 1.0 is out certain folk might take the trouble to
actually read the docco and thus not look foolish in public when making

Everyone on lfs-dev (and off list too) has been very helpful so we'd like to
publically thank everyone for their help.

Anyhoo, seeyas all in a week or so :-)

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