gcc-3.2.2-final-build failed

Martin Imobersteg imm at gmx.ch
Sun Mar 23 04:46:38 PST 2003

> I guess the first question is should they exist at that time (IIRC, they
> should) and where. Stage1? I still have that available.

I think after the final glibc build the libs in /stage1 are obsolete ?

> In my stage11 I have libc.a, libc.so, libc-2.3.2.so, libc.so.6 (symlink
> to libc-2.3.2.so) and some others. Did you symlink in /stage1? Is that
> the correct place for the step you are at?

I did them in /lib. In /stage1/lib they were allredy there.

> > I can cat the file but ldd dont work on it inside the chroot.
> Path including /stage1? Recall that it changes between chapter5 and 6
> slightly.

[root at tux gcc]# echo $PATH

Did you build with

Maybe i should change that to N ?

Is this comment in ch6 still relevant ?

# Don't just run this script blindly, you will have to
# patch gcc with the reqd LFS patches for the gcc version
# (will add that at a later date... maybe :-) ),
# also the versions of the packages here could vary from
# what you are using so check...

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