gcc-3.2.2-final-build failed

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Sun Mar 23 05:47:42 PST 2003

On Sun, 23 Mar 2003, Martin Imobersteg wrote:

> > I guess the first question is should they exist at that time (IIRC, they
> > should) and where. Stage1? I still have that available.
> I think after the final glibc build the libs in /stage1 are obsolete ?

I think so too, but I have been focusing most on just running beta for
Ryan and have not tried to understand the way I should. Will do that

> > In my stage11 I have libc.a, libc.so, libc-2.3.2.so, libc.so.6 (symlink
> > to libc-2.3.2.so) and some others. Did you symlink in /stage1? Is that
> > the correct place for the step you are at?
> I did them in /lib. In /stage1/lib they were allredy there.
> >
> > > I can cat the file but ldd dont work on it inside the chroot.

That is a problem. Ldd is installed by glibc according to the LFS book.
If it is not there... something broke?

Well, let me tell you what I do. I have changed all the make check to
make -k check (seems to take a lot longer to run) and I let the scripts
keep running even if the make check fails. I did this because I had a
sneaky hunch that the make check would cause problems that were not
critical to having a workable install. I tend to be distrustful of "new"
things until they are proven reliable.

I'm thinking that you should do the same and the investigation of test
failures can then proceed at your convenience. My logs show several
minor errors of various types, including a failure of file removal in a
directory with the sticky bit set (meaning only the owner is supposed to
be able to remove the file). But I can boot and ping and compile on the
new system.

That doesn't mean all is good, but it does mean that I can proceed while
the other issues are being worked on by more knowledgeable folks.

An example is the new coreutils. Big work is needed because some test
run only if you are root and others run only if you are not! I haven't
discovered a way to do both at once and anticipate that a breaking of
the tests into two pieces will need to be done.

> >
> > Path including /stage1? Recall that it changes between chapter5 and 6
> > slightly.
> [root at tux gcc]# echo $PATH
> /sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/stage1/sbin:/stage1/bin
> Did you build with
> export NOBOOTSTRAP=Y ?

Yes, I did. But as mentioned, I do have make check failures and that has
not stopped me from going to the end (after appropriate shell

> Maybe i should change that to N ?

I haven't noticed any discernable effects between that and the previous
runs when the extra bootstrap was done. When I boot, the only effect
I've seen is that my bash prompt is wrong until I do an exec of
/bin/bash. Not seriously investigated it yet.

> Is this comment in ch6 still relevant ?
> # Don't just run this script blindly, you will have to
> # patch gcc with the reqd LFS patches for the gcc version
> # (will add that at a later date... maybe :-) ),
> # also the versions of the packages here could vary from
> # what you are using so check...

Depending on your versions, yes. I'm running these, and I'm applying the
patches listed after them.

   export BINUTILS_VER=
   export GCC_VER=3.2.2
      gcc-${GCC_VER}-mmap_test (Donald Smith/Greg Schafer devloped) both
      builds in chapter 5 and chapter 6 build.
   export KERNEL_VER=2.4.20
   export GLIBC_VER=2.3.2
   export ZLIB_VER=1.1.4
      zlib-${ZLIB_VER} (Kelledin's vsnprintf patch)
   export GAWK_VER=3.1.1
   export FILEUTILS_VER=4.1        I DON"T USE THIS
      findutils-${FINDUTILS_VER} - I DON"T USE THIS, the findutils below
      is being used
   export COREUTILS_VER=4.5.9
   export BZIP2_VER=1.0.2
   export GZIP_VER=1.3.3
   export DIFFUTILS_VER=2.8.1
   export FINDUTILS_VER=4.1.7
   export BISON_VER=1.875
   export FLEX_VER=2.5.27
   export M4_VER=1.4
   export MAKE_VER=3.80
   export GREP_VER=2.5.1
   export SED_VER=4.0.5
   export GETTEXT_VER=0.11.5
   export TEXTUTILS_VER=2.1
   export SHUTILS_VER=2.0
   export NCURSES_VER=5.3
   export PATCH_VER=2.5.4
   export TAR_VER=1.13
      apply_patch tar-${TAR_VER}
   export TEXINFO_VER=4.3
   export BASH_VER=2.05b
   export UTILLINUX_VER=2.11z
   export PERL_VER=5.8.0
   export TCL_VER=8.4.2
   export EXPECT_VER=5.38
   export DEJAGNU_VER=1.4.3
   export MAKEDEV_VER=1.7

I am also runing the latest 2.2.1-final scripts and have incorporated
your patches.

Bill Maltby
lfsbill at wlmcs.com

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