possible bug in pure lfs

torsten torsten at howard.cc
Mon Mar 24 07:10:44 PST 2003

>> No. because c++ never bootstraps anyway, IIRC. its written in C.
>Nothing to deal with that, but can someone give me a french word for 
>"bootstrap" ?
>I m not so bad in english but I can' t figure out what mean this bootstrap.
>So, is there a french-speaking guy or someone who could give me an 
>explanation for this word?

Je n'sais pas.  But I can explain in English very simply.

A bootstrap is a small loop of leather inside a boot.  For tight
boots, you can use a metal hook, slip it through the bootstrap,
and pull your boots on.  When knee or thigh high boots were in
fashion, bootstraps were an absolute necessity to get the things

Similarly, tennis shoes have a small loop at the heal.  This is
a bootstrap, but we don't call it that.  It is used for pulling
the shoes on.

Once the boot/shoe is on, there is no longer need for a bootstrap,
because the boot/shoe supports itself.

Bootstrapping the compiler means putting it on for the first time.
When he says, "c++ never bootstraps anyway," he means c++ isn't able
to compile itself the first time (i.e. it cannot bootstrap itself).
Once it has been compiled, it can sustain itself.

The answer is correct - in g++, C++ is implemented as a preprocessor
(in C) that can convert C++ code to C code, and then use gcc to

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