possible bug in pure lfs

Rob Park rbpark at ualberta.ca
Mon Mar 24 07:35:05 PST 2003

Alas! torsten spake thus:
> >Nothing to deal with that, but can someone give me a french word for 
> >"bootstrap" ?
> >I m not so bad in english but I can' t figure out what mean this bootstrap.
> >So, is there a french-speaking guy or someone who could give me an 
> >explanation for this word?
> Je n'sais pas.  But I can explain in English very simply.
> A bootstrap is a small loop of leather inside a boot.  For tight
> boots, you can use a metal hook, slip it through the bootstrap,
> and pull your boots on.  When knee or thigh high boots were in
> fashion, bootstraps were an absolute necessity to get the things
> on.


I love Google.

Rob Park
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