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HP and Sun both refer to booting.  HP use a two stage method, where the
firmware loads the ISL (Initial System Loader) which then boots the OS.  The
firmware offers various bits of functionality (search for bootable devise,
and so on...).  On a Sun the machine has a boot monitor (similar to the
firmware on an HP and the BIOS on a PC) which allows you to perform various
levels of diagnostics, but it doesn't appear to employ the two stage method
of HP.  IBM also refer to booting, but on the lower end machines the
firmware is simple and boots straight into the OS (pretty much) on the
higher end machines with partitioning (one large machine looks like several
smaller ones running multiple distinct OSes) you load up the partition
manager first then you can tell the machine how to boot individual

Does this help?  

In the non-unix world I don't know though...


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James Spinks wrote:
> Quoting Axel <axel.azerty at>:
>> Nothing to deal with that, but can someone give me a french word
>> for "bootstrap" ? I m not so bad in english but I can' t figure
>> out what mean this bootstrap.
>> So, is there a french-speaking guy or someone who could give me
>> an explanation for this word?
> Probably not to be honest.  It is a shortened form of an english
> language phrase which was 'pull yourself up by your own boot
> straps'.  It was supposed to signify the futility of trying to get
> yourself out of something by leveraging against yourself (try to
> imagine somebody trying to lift themselves out of quicksand by
> lifting up their own shoes).
> It's probably though, just one of those things that makes little
> sense in english and even less in any other language... ;-)

Oh, we have a similar phrase in German, though it's more painful (-:
It's "sich am eigenen Schopf aus dem Sumpf ziehen" or "pull yourself
out of the swamp by your own hair". I searched for a french
translation on the 'net but couldn't find one.

BTW: does anyone know what "bootstrapping" or "booting" is called on
non-PCs? I know that on larger machines it's called "IPL" (initial
program load), but I suspect there's tons of other terms.


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