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DJ Lucas dj_me at
Mon Mar 24 13:50:55 PST 2003

Adam Morris wrote:

> What I was suggesting was something slightly different from the BLFS
> installation of a choice of DHCP clients.  I have modified
> /etc/sysconfig/network-devices/ifup so that it checks for the
> existence of a DHCP client, if it finds one and $IP is either not
> set, or set to DHCP then it tries to grab an IP address using DHCP.
> I was wondering if these changes might be of interest.  With a slight
> modification to check for the other DHCP clients as well as
> /sbin/dhclient then the installation of a DHCP enabled LFS machine
> would consist solely of installing LFS and then installing your
> chosen DHCP client.  No changes to /etc/sysconfig/network-devices
> would be required.  Does this make sense? Thanks,
> Adam

First things first...please don't top post.  If you have to ask why,
then have a look at this link:  As you'll see later on in
the archives, that link would have been very handy for me at an earlier
time :-)

Second, it was decided a while ago not to include a dhcp client in the
base packages.  There are however two possible ways that your scripts
may be of help.  First, pop over to the blfs-dev list and post them
there, perhaps your scripts are much better than what we came up with
some time ago.  Before you do that, please take a look at the April 2002
archives to see the discussions and little issues encountered when those
scripts were written.  Specifically the following threads:

The other thing you can do, you can submit various boot-script changes
for inclusion in the lfs-bootscripts package under their own subdir.
You would also need to submit a readme file for using the updated boot

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