How will pure-lfs be integrated?

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Thu May 1 08:27:27 PDT 2003

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> Let me answer that question before it's asked (again).
> I just read the latest version on and it is my 
> opinion we should include pretty much all the text into the LFS book. We 
> could just stick with the commands and a few lines of explanation here and 
> there and in the process loose a lot of educational background information.
> As to the format there are a few options.
> All the explanatory text that's general in nature can be put in chapter 2, or 
> at the start of chapter 5 before any packages are installed. The specific 
> installation instructions explantions can be added at the bottom of such 
> pages.
> There are some pieces of text that go like "Now that x has been installed, 
> ..." and a long explanation of something follows. They are best kept in that 
> chronological order, which makes me think we shouldn't put anything in 
> chapter 2, or stuff it at the beginning of chapter 5, but simply follow the 
> already existing flow of installation and explaining as currently exist in 
> pure-lfs.
> This will even help attain another LFS goal: become less like a glorified 
> shell script and more like the education it's supposed to be.
> As far as shortcuts go: I don't think we need to take those into account. I 
> prefer the method without shortcuts myself.
> Tomorrow after work I will start an LFS build using the PLFS method with all 
> the current package versions (whatever will be current as of tomorrow 
> afternoon). I'll be modifying the XML locally as I go (which I expect might 
> take several hours to complete all the testing) and commit everything in one 
> big commit when I'm done. This will help keep CVS in working order.
> So by tomorrow night CVS will be brand new again and you guys can do your own 
> testing and report all the bugs I will undoubtedly put into it.

I like the way the hint talks some, then you do some, then it talks some 
more and then you do some more.  It was extremely educational.  I would 
like to see the book continue in that format.  I would go one step 
further and try to demystify some of the programmer speak in the hint. 
I am not a programmer, but have read enough of Ryan and Greg's email's 
on various subjects that I am getting better.  A person who knows 
nothing about programming, might get confused.  Ryan's script can be 
used for those who know the process hands down, but as new people come 
in a try LFS, the educational value still remains.

My $0.02

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