How will pure-lfs be integrated?

DJ Lucas dj_me at
Thu May 1 14:18:56 PDT 2003

James Robertson wrote:
> Gerard Beekmans wrote:
>> All the explanatory text that's general in nature can be put in
>> chapter 2, or at the start of chapter 5 before any packages are
>> installed. The specific installation instructions explantions can be
>> added at the bottom of such pages.
>> There are some pieces of text that go like "Now that x has been
>> installed, ..." and a long explanation of something follows. They
>> are best kept in that chronological order, which makes me think we
>> shouldn't put anything in chapter 2, or stuff it at the beginning of
>> chapter 5, but simply follow the already existing flow of
>> installation and explaining as currently exist in pure-lfs.
>> This will even help attain another LFS goal: become less like a
>> glorified shell script and more like the education it's supposed to
>> be.

James Robertson wrote in reply:
> I like the way the hint talks some, then you do some, then it talks
> some more and then you do some more.  It was extremely educational.
> I would like to see the book continue in that format.  I would go one
> step further and try to demystify some of the programmer speak in the
> hint. I am not a programmer, but have read enough of Ryan and Greg's
> email's on various subjects that I am getting better.  A person who
> knows nothing about programming, might get confused.  Ryan's script
> can be used for those who know the process hands down, but as new
> people come in a try LFS, the educational value still remains.

My opinion FWIW:

I agree with what James wrote above.  I butchered a text copy of the cvs
lfs book, to include the text and instructions from the pure-lfs hint,
amongst other package changes.  I just left most of Greg and Ryan's
explanations untouched, save for formatting, and placed them inline in
both Chapter 5 and 6.  I adlibed a little bit of it where it didn't fit
well into the book's text, but for the most part, the hint did fit right
into the book.  It still read well, and was still visually apealing;
well, as visually apealing as a text file can be anyways.  Personal
opinion, most of the changes should stay inline with the book, with
maybe a discussion of the old and new build methods in Chapter 2.  The
why we link statically section would have to be re-written, and not
ripped out because it is both still a good tutorial, and we still use
static builds of binutils and gcc at the begining of Chapter 5.  As far
as "demystify some of the programmer speak," I didn't have any trouble
understanding it, but if others do, then maybe...I don't personally care
either way.


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