v2.2.8 of plfs buildscripts is most recent? [some updated patches]

James Iwanek chthon at chthon-uk.com
Thu May 1 15:04:13 PDT 2003

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> Ryan, on Apr 14 you sent buildscripts-2.2.8.tar.bz2
> I saw some emails in that thread with suggested changes, and what not.
> Have you made any modifications since v2.2.8 that I could use today? If
> not I'll base my work today on the original tarball but I'm not going to
> sift through the emails that followed that thread to see what's relevant
> and what isn't.

attached are newer patches relating to pure lfs
the first is the patch version of the ncurses vsscanf sed to ncurses
the second is taken from the ncurses prepatches and is the accepted version
of gregs etip patch

hope these are even more use to you

for anyone interested: yes i have a LOT of spare time on my hands ;-)
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